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Title Charge Calculator

Title Charge Calculator for Title Insurance costs

Title Insurance Calculator

Title Insurance Costs


Loan Amount: $000,000.00
Sale Amount: $000,000.00

Title Insurance Costs

Settlement / Closing $0.00
Closing Services Fee $175.00
E-Doc Delivery $100.00
Courier and Wire $50.00
Closing Protection Letter $125.00
Title Endorsements $400.00
Lenders Title Insurance $0,000.00
Owners Title Insurance $0,000.00
Total $0,000.00

Other Costs

Recording Fees $000.00
Transfer Taxes $0,000.00
Total 0,000.00

The above Costs reflect Enhanced Policy Pricing. A Standard Policy may be less. For a definitaive list of charges and other costs please contact us.

The above Rates reflect the May 1st, 2016 rate change.

Disclaimer: The Title Charge Calculator is limited to Residential Loan purchase, cash purchase, or both. This is an Estimate Only. This is not a comprehensive list of charges that may be applicable to this transaction. Fees are subject to change based on many factors including but not limited to changes in the sales price or loan amount, written instructions, closing requirements, transaction complexity and insuring requirements, products and services requested, and new rate filings. Estimate does not reflect adjustments for amounts to be paid by a seller or other party to the transaction. Please contact us for more information.